It’s no secret that this family has had a huge impact on the lives of so many. Sadly, the inevitable will one day come, and we want to be able to preserve this family’s legacy for Alex James as well as the community of people that love and care for them.

This film will draw attention to the MS and MD diseases and how we can all make a difference in finding a cure. This film will give the twin brothers the opportunity to become movie stars, a prospect that they are thrilled to soon experience. This film will give Alex James the opportunity to look back on his wonderful life with his wife and two sons long after they have passed away. This film will bring joy to so many: the friends who know and love them, the families who can relate to their situation, the thousands of people who have been diagnosed with MS and MD, and even those who have never met them, who will be given a view into the life of this inspirational, wonderful family. All of the proceeds in excess of the cost of production will be donated to the MS and MD foundations.  Please help us tell this story and make a difference.




To find out more about how your business can be involved in the making of this film, please contact Parker Williams at 

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